Hello, I'm Zach, and this is The Unorthodox Tavern. 

One of my main goals is to help people rediscover Christian spirituality as they leave old and dysfunctional perspectives behind. I also want to enrich the lives of any non-religious folks by at least helping them have informed opinions on Christian ideas. The primary means through which I will do this is through the podcast: The Unorthodox Tavern. You will send in your questions and I will give the best answers I can. I will also generally steer clear of defending so-called traditional assumptions and instead give more informed answers that will likely not be satisfying to American Evangelicals. It is also my hope to bring people of diverse paradigms onto the show and interview them so that their point of view can be understood more clearly by the public. I will likewise be blogging to help give more concise amounts of information on various topics that can be easily read and shared. I want to connect with you, respond to your questions, and help you on your journey. Feel free to email me at theunorthodoxtavern@gmail.com.

"I don't know."
-Peter Abelard's dying words